About Us

Welcome to the home of quality,  established in Australia -  owned skincare brand called SELF CONNECT. I launched Patch 'n Pimple Patches in November 2022. Here you will find bundles of good deals.
Born in South Africa, lived for 18 years and immigrated to New Zealand for 14 years. Now happily living in Gold Coast, Australia.
An Enthusiastic Biological Scientist who struggled with pimples and felt frustrated every time stubborn pimples would appear on my face. They also appeared at the most convenient times, when I had to go on a date, fun night out or even work meetings or events.  I felt insecure and embarrassed about my pimples especially whiteheads.
Popping, squeezing and picking them made my skin worse and caused break outs. I knew I had to stop and find a solution to this problem, so decided to create my own absorbing hydrocolloid spot dot patches called Patch 'n Pimple!
A patch that would not only hide the visible pimple but extract the gunky pus, aid in the process of recovery and healing the skin!
Currently SELF CONNECT is stocked in Glenfield, New South Wales, listed on Amazon AU, Catch, Facebook and Instagram Shop!